This is another poker kind of game where players and the poker Dealer compete with each other. Equal bets are made on the Ante and Blind by players. 2 cards are given to the player and to the Dealer in order to combine these 2 with 5 community cards. This leads to making the best-card poker hand which becomes the main aim of the game for the player and for the Dealer. The Ultimate Texas Hold’Em includes aggressive betting. Here everyone can risk more and win as quickly as early they get a 5-card poker hand.

Texas Holdem

How to play Poker Texas Hold’Em

One 52-card deck used in a game is shuffled at the conclusion of each of the hand. From the very start the player bets equally on bets, called Ante and Blind.

  • 2 starting cards are given to the player (face up) and to the Dealer (face down).
  • Then the player can choose: either to check or to proceed to a Play bet, three or four times bigger than the Ante. It composes the 5 community cards and the poker hand of the player is evaluated against the poker hand of the Dealer.
  • After check made by the player 3 community cards appear, and he/she has 2 options in Online Ultimate Texas HoldEm:
  1. to check;
  2. to make a Play bet two times more than the Ante. 2 remaining community cards can be dealt and his/hers best 5-card hand can be evaluated over the Dealer’s one.
  • When after the player’s check 2 remained community cards are dealt, he/she has the option to:
  • Fold (give Ante and Blind bets) but the hand will be over in this case;
  • Play bet is the same as the Ante which reveals all the cards. Poker hand is evaluated over the Dealer’s 5-card poker hand.
  • The Ante bet pushes in case the Dealer has less than a pair. Or the every one stays in play but depends from the strength of each hand. All 3 bets the Play, Ante and Blind lose in case the Dealer has a better hand; NotaBene! When the Dealer doesn’t have a pair the Ante pushes.
  • The player wins when having the better hand. In this case the payment is made according to the following:
  • Ante/Play: 1:1;
  • Blind: table posted within this play.

NotaBene! When the Dealer doesn’t have a pair, the Ante pushes; But when the player has less than a straight than Blind pushes.

  • All 3 bets push in circumstances when player’s and Dealer’s hands tie.
  • Trips bet which is optional pays when the player folds the hand because it is dependent from the final poker hand of the player; All payments the players receive due to the Trips pay table.

How to rank the hands in Texas Hold’Em online

Online Ultimate Texas Hold’Em hand rankings are evaluated as usually from high to low:

Royal Flush – A and K, Q and J, 10;

Straight Flush – sequentially ranked and cards of the same suit;

Four of a Kind – 4 equally ranked cards;

Full House – 3 cards that matches the same rank and 2 that matches another equal rank;

Flush – all equal suit cards;

Straight – sequentially ranked in no less then 2 suits;

Three of a Kind – 3 cards of equal rank;

Two Pair – 2 matching cards and 2 from other rank;

Pair – 2 equal rank cards;

High Card – the highest card is the most valuable. Remember the next ascendance: 2-10, J, Q, K, A.

These rules and game options belong to most free online Poker Texas Hold’Em games available on popular and most trusted online casino websites. But every casino can have exceptions and own rules. So, before starting to play it is better to check the rules on the specific casino site beforehand.

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