Casino BingoBingo has become a great way to have fun profitably in the Australian gambling industry. Most Bingo rooms offer multi-million dollar jackpots and bingo bonus codes no deposit for matching simple combinations on the card.

Online bingo draws take place approximately every five minutes, the player can choose around with any card price from 10 cents to 100 dollars. During gameplay, players can communicate with each other in the general chat room. On average, there are 10 to 120 participants. When the draw is finished, the cash is instantly credited to the user’s account in case of winning.

This game of chance has a few varieties:

  • 30-Ball Bingo is most efficient in terms of time consumption. The card features 9 numbers arranged in three by three patterns;
  • 75-Ball version is carried out with the layout of five by five cards. There are 24 numbers and one empty square in the center. The word B-I-N-G-O is used as the card reader;
  • The alternative with eighty balls is a relatively new and dynamic version of the game. This game is played with a four-by-four square card;
  • 90-Ball Bingo is the classic and most sought-after version in Australia. The card is a rectangle with 3 rows of 9 cells. There are 5 numbers in each row. So, the card features 15 random numbers from 1 to 90.

Depending on the settings of a particular game, gamblers have to match all numbers on the card or get a certain pattern, such as horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines, X or L pattern, etc.

There are three stages to determine winners:

  • the first one – when one line is matched;
  • the second – when two lines are matched;
  • the third – when three lines are matched.

If several people become winners at the same time, the prize pool is distributed between these players.

Bingo slots no deposit

Casino Bingo Most gambling clubs offer new customers to participate in the drawing of cash prizes absolutely free of charge after registering an account.

Popular bingo types and their features

Online bingo is very popular in Australia. There are hundreds of online resources with generous loyalty programs to serve their clients. There are so many bingo formats, themes, and styles that you will surely find the game to spark your interest. A mobile version is also available to Australian gamblers. A wide variety of online games can be accessed through smartphones and tablets running on Android, iOS, or Windows.

After a simple registration procedure, users get access to the website’s features. Most establishments offer a welcome bonus package for creating an account.

Bingo providers accept payments in Australian dollars and provide many different payment options:

  • popular debit and credit cards, such as MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electron;
  • e-wallets, such as  Entropay, Neteller, PayPal, and paysafecard.
  • Western Union transfers are also accepted.

Silverball Bingo

This interesting type of virtual bingo was developed by the specialists of Novomatic. The game is played with 90 balls numbered in order. Payers can play with up to 4 cards per round.

Pop Bingo

The game was developed by Playtech. Its goal is to cross out 15 numbers on the purchased card with minimum moves. Players can take part in the draws with a bet of 10 cents to 100 euros.

Electro Bingo

Casino BingoIt is a product developed by Microgaming. The gameplay involves 60 balls numbered in order. In each round, thirty balls are pulled out of the drum with a random number generator. The client can use up to four cards.

Flying Pigs

This online bingo by NetEnt can be played with one, two, three, or four cards. The card features numbers from 1 to 60.

Wizard Bingo

This game is powered by Novomatic licensed software. It features 90 balls numbered in order and cards with fifteen randomly selected numbers.

Dynamite Bingo

It is a fun and entertaining game by Novomatic. Players can use several cards at once to compete for a prize pool that includes, among other things, a progressive jackpot and participation in bonus rounds.

Beach Party Bingo

This bingo version by Novomatic allows playing with four cards at once. The game features 90 balls numbered in order. Thirty of them appear on a special screen in each round. They are selected by a random number generator.

No deposit bingo bonus gives the ability to gamble for some time not buying bingo tickets. The rules can vary for many various houses but the main idea is that a newcomer is rewarded with such bonuses right after his/hers signing in.

Generally, you are entitled to use this bonus within a certain period of time. During this time a person, who plays is being given a chance to grab some prizes in cash. Or he/she receives a limited number of tickets. Although being a reward, the bingo no deposit bonus win real money in cases of hitting a line and a full house. Further on a person, who plays is allowed to use them to carry on with the playing.


But let’s get deeper into the explanation. A player receiving the free amount of money/tickets/whatever to test drive a game usually skips the tricky wagering terms. The main thing about cashing out after using these free bonuses is that he/she cannot receive the winnings until he/she makes the actual 1st deposit and meet the terms of the original bonus.


Changes come to the gambling world all the time and in the past years, we observed a massive decline of such offers.

Not long ago, almost every bingo site could treat the newcomers with bingo bonus codes. No deposit freebie could be really attractive for the gamers to choose this exact website until the taxes were introduced.

In 2017 licensed gambling services in UK were obliged to pay new taxes. To make it simple, the old legislation included in the ‘Point of Consumption Tax’, made operators pay taxes if players did not win when using the bingo online no deposit bonuses. But the new levy was about paying taxes in any case. This had a negative effect because only 5% of gamblers after accepting such offers proceeded to put their own money. So, the operator didn’t get anything in return when shelling out on taxes. After these changes bingo, no deposit offers were more for those who like spinning the reels and come more like bingo slots no deposit offers.

Considering all that happened above operators concentrated on free bingo games which could make payouts with the help of bingo bonuses. Such bonuses were around £1 or £2, so it was cheaper for them to pay taxes. And using such a small but still, free honeypot in order to attract new visitors helped the operators to have more participators who could make a later deposit in order to claim more free bingo tickets.

What’s more?

The Point of Consumption Tax was increased to 21% which brought negative changes to the size of bingo online no deposit offers. Previously it was only 15%. Additionally, in May 2019, the following changes were accepted:

  • the age of the player able to gamble must be over 18;
  • players can request withdrawals whenever they want;
  • self-excluded players must not be able to gamble.

Previously operators had 3 days period to make verification checks for the new account. And during that period a player was able to gamble. ID checking and age verification brought positive changes for the visitors, because it simplifies cash withdrawal. So earlier, a player desiring to make a cash withdrawal had to make a request and only then he faced the verification checks. That checks could take days or even weeks. The new checks are done before the player reaches the point when he/she can take their money out of the system. So, the cashing out became quicker and easier now.

All of this made the operators refuse from giving bingo slots no deposit bonuses. Today only a few give such chances but they have strict requirements.

Questions and answers

Yes. Australian regulators amended the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 with the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016. It allowed Australian gamblers to spend time gambling on offshore online platforms.
In Australia, this activity is legally allowed from the age of 18. During registration, tick in the relevant box, send a scan of your ID document and enjoy hassle-free access to favorite games.
Yes, you can. A vast number of specialized websites provide Australians with the option to deposit cash and withdraw their winnings in Australian dollars.
Favorite online versions of bingo are those that are played with seventy-five, eighty, and ninety balls.
Some platforms allow customers to play bingo without any fees. When gambling for real funds, the price of cards starts at 1 cent.
Many bingo websites are available in no download format. You can access them through a regular browser. It is enough to visit the website and log in using your username and password.
Rewards are tax-free. Operators and owners of gambling establishments and sites pay them.
Games are available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To receive a bingo casino no deposit bonus from the service provider, complete the registration and verification procedure and satisfy a wagering requirement. Only one registration is allowed per player. All data that is entered in the required fields must be true; thus, unpleasant situations can be avoided.
Most often one card is available, but some bingo types allow players to use up to 4 cards at the same time
There is no single winning strategy, bingo is a game of chance. Experts advise picking up entertaining options with the maximum theoretical payback, giving preference to online bingo rooms with a reputation for quality gaming, reliable software, and fair games.
In this case, you can join online casinos that offer engines for bingo games, find dedicated online bingo lounges or mobile apps.
Bingo is a classic Western game that is also known and popular in Australia as Full House.
Many Australian online casinos and online bingo platforms offer free bingo play in demo mode.
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