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Live and Let Dice: The Story of Craps in Canada

When it comes to playing craps, a lot of enthusiasts may be deterred by its complicated rules. Even though this activity is not the most popular entertainment ever, it is still beloved by the gaming society. According to historical evidence, the story of craps has its own ups and downs, but the one thing is for sure — it has managed to stand the test of time and competition with such frontrunners as Blackjack and poker.

Just Add Ginger

For those who have no idea about the craps history, this game seems to be just a way to throw dice and have fun. Don’t be afraid to leave that club of the uninitiated: the activity may offer something more fascinating and exciting. If the wrong roll is played, its owner craps out. In addition, it is one of the rare examples in gambling, when a player has a physical chance to influence the round’s flow.

The leading target audience is within the Canada, but people can hardly beat the fact the analyzed invention is known and spread for centuries.

The Early Days of Dice

Some historians believe that the origin of the option dates back the Roman era, but there are stories which claim it to be even older:

  • One of the Sophocles’ histories states that the solution under analysis was developed in 1250 BC, during the Troy siege.
  • The oldest dice ever discovered was found in Iran. According to research, it was created in around 3000 BC.

When trying to google “play craps how to”, you will find out that there are nearly forty types of dice games. Despite such a divergence, there is one ancient activity, considered as its predecessor. Called Hazard, this entertainment is mentioned in a famous work by Geoffrey Chaucer — the Canterbury Tales.

What unites the foregoer and its successor is an opportunity of a single shooter per time, as well as the house presence in the role of the game’s boss, certain number of rolls to start or finish betting, and the fact that players should participate till the very end of the session.

Volunteers didn’t have to pass a Special High-Intensity Training (simply SHIT), but the Hazard’s rules are equally crappy and complicated, if not worse.

Craps Rolls into Canada

When did the craps history start on the territory of the United States? Supposedly, the activity was spread there at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Who played a great role in the migration and promotion of the activity in the American history of craps? Initially, the solution was popular among farm workers thanks to Bernard Marigny, a Louisiana landlord.

The powerhouse’s name comes from the slang word for describing a roll of two and three — “crabs”.

Shooting Soldiers

Another important stage of the history of craps games took place during the second world. All people needed to get their little piece of joy was a blanket and a dice. For soldiers, it became an absolute love, and it didn’t end in post-war times.

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